Gecci Rent And Buy®

Do you dream of your own home? GECCI® your home.

You would like to build your dream home? We help you. Our Gecci Rent And Buy® concept enables you to realize your dream of your own home. No bank credit and no down payment.

Idea and concept:
Rent and Buy – GECCI Rent And Buy®

The situation

  • In Germany, being a home owner still is a lifetime dream. But due to rising property prices aspiring home owners need a lot of money to realize their dream.
  • 84% of Germans would rather own a home instead of renting (source: SPIEGEL Online 2018).
  • The new EU directive relating to credits for residential properties leads to many credit requests being rejected: Banks are required to adhere to rather restrictive credit guidelines.
  • Up to 50 per cent of credit requests are rejected. It is likely that the policy of financial institutions will become even more restrictive. (Source:
  • Due to the continuing low interest rates properties are an attractive and secure investment even as retirement arrangement.
  • Another property financing model, the installment purchase, is not an option for many home builders due to the high costs, high own funds needed and the high end payment.

Time is calling for new concepts.

We offer a modern way of purchasing a home without own funds. Especially young families often have no own funds in order to realize their dream of their own home.

They are the target group we have developed GECCI Rent And Buy® for – with transparency and longterm preservation of liquidity.

The contractual time span and your monthly payments are individually agreed upon and adjusted to your needs. You decide in cooperation with us which monthly amount is right for you. The contractual time span must be between 23 and 32 years.

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Our concept

GECCI Rent and Buy® enables the building of solid homes in the context of a unique Rent and Buy contract. Instead of credit interest and clearing, you pay a monthly rent until the property rights of your home is transferred to you after the agreed time span.

No credit or end payment are needed with GECCI Rent And Buy® concept which thus is a real alternative to the traditional home purchase. The concept combines a usual rental agreement with the construction of a home according to the needs and wishes of the tenant/home builder. After a rental period of 23 to 32 years (depending on size, configuration and location of your home) you are entitled to have the property rights of your home transferred to you.

Advantage for you: there are no additional payments towards GECCI for the transfer of property. Real estate transfer tax and notary fees are the only costs at this point for the new home owner.

Walking new paths –
The home purchase concept “Rent And Buy”

The expression “Rent And Buy” has been created in 2018 by real estate project developer GECCI in order to name a unique new concept for private home builders.

The Rent And Buy concept combines elements of a typical rental agreement with elements of home ownership.

Rental elements

  • A traditional rental agreement is signed including the usual terms and conditions.
  • High flexibility for the tenant: the rental agreement includes the legal period of notice of three months.
  • Since there will only be monthly rental payments no bank credit will be needed and no debt will be incurred.
  • No risk of higher costs due to rising credit interest: the monthly rental payments remains the same.

Ownership elements

  • Individual planning and construction of your dream home by GECCI, an experienced real estate project developer.
  • Rent and Buy contract certified by notary for the home with all priority notices and conditions.
  • Individual planning according to your wishes
  • New solid construction
  • First time use by home builder
  • Transfer of property: Property rights of the home transferred to home builder after agreed time period

The GECCI Rent And Buy® concept enables you as a future home builder to realize the dream of your own home according to your wishes.