GECCI Rent And Buy®

The new freedom:
Independent and fair

You would like to build your dream home? We help you. Our GECCI Rent And Buy® concept enables you to realize your dream of your own home. No bank credit and no down payment.

The smart way to your own home.

With GECCI Rent And Buy®, we have developed a new way of becoming a home owner. The concept in detail: We plan and construct solid energy-efficient homes for our customers. With our concept, we address especially young families and other customers with a long-term perspective.

The home builders pay for their home in the context of a rent and buy contract over a period of 23 to 32 years. After the rental period and payment of the real estate transfer tax the property rights of the home will be transferred to the customer.

Other than with the traditional installment purchase, all clearing costs as well as all additional costs (excluding individual use of water and electricity), insurances and fees are included in the rental payments. There is no down payment or high end payment.

You would like to build your dream home?

  • You decided to finally build your own home.
  • You no longer wish to give away your rental payments for nothing.
  • You wish for retirements provisions.
  • You have no own funds and you do not wish to incur any debt.
  • You would like a transparent home purchase concept without hidden costs.
  • You would like to keep control of your cash flow.

Modern way of home building

With such a large project as the construction of your own home, it really is worth your while to compare financing concepts in detail and seek comprehensive advise.

A transparent concept and good plan are important factors in order to keep control of your cash flow and help you realize the dream of your own home in a financially sound way.

Get more information without any obligation.

Your qualification

In order for you to be able to keep your familiar standard of living during the contractual period, we will check your financial situation together with you.

A point of orientation is the median monthly household net income in Germany. For a family with one child the net income should be €3,400. A single person should have a net income of at least €2,600.

In a family household around 35% of expenditures are for housing, energy and maintenance. For a family with one child and household net income of €3,400 these costs would be on average €1,200. The basic monthly rental payment is geared to this amount. Destatis, Data report 2018) (Source:

Wie funktioniert das Mietübertragungsmodell GECCI Rent and Buy®?


In a personal consultation we get to know each other. Together with you, we assess your financial situation, your cash flow.

Do you qualify?
How much may your home cost? Which optional features can you afford? What does a plot of land cost?


We agree upon the contractual time span and the monthly rent. The contractual time span must be between 23 and 32 years and, depending on contractual conditions, interest is between 1.65 and 2.11%.


You choose your Gecci house. We offer you consultation and help you realize your home construction project. The individual planning of your home begins.

Together, we search for a suitable plot of land in your preferred area (+/-25 km). Total costs for house and plot of land are calculated.


The construction of your solid home begins. Rental payment begins upon completion. Building period: 8 to 12 months.


The construction of your solid home begins. Rental payment begins upon completion. Building period: 8 to 12 months.


After the contractual time span the property rights will be transferred to you. Real estate transfer tax as well a notary costs will be payable. .


Wie funktioniert das Mietübertragungsmodell Gecci Rent and Buy®